Well, it seems life got a little too dull again and I once again retreated back to my favourite city for a small break from the mundane.

With a 4am start and tired eyes I journeyed to the airport to return to the city of freedom. Despite the weather forecasting rain, cloud and cold; we were greeted with immense sunshine smiling down on us, rickety bicycles flying past and a bacon pancake smothered in maple syrup.

We journeyed round the back streets and along the familiar canals, once more breathing in the sense of peace that Amsterdam generates; before we would both be returning to another busy year of work and study.

Rather than visit Vondelpark we went to a beautiful park near the hotel which was situated between all the museums; coincidentally named, Museumplein. Whilst sat amongst neatly lined rows of trees which sheltered us from the heat of the European sun we watched Amsterdam life go by.

It was a short and sweet visit hence the short but hopefully sweet post; filled with nostalgia, laughter and a desire to stay forever.

© Greta Alise Haley


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